ACP is available to assist in project finance or as an investor in your treatment solutions. When we invest, we own and operate the equipment and provide services at rates below your municipal provider. Even if a project does not meet companies ROI timeframes, ACP provides a turnkey solution saving your dollars and offering a long-term predictable rate structure.  Our approach is to eliminate the unknown future rate increases in a world with frequent hefty rate hikes.  

  • ROI and Capital Budget Analysis
  • Equipment Lease Analysis
  • Funding Options Analysis
  • Bond Funding


Rising sewer rates and associated surcharges are increasing at a rate at 3–5 times that of inflation.  ACP's approach is to analyze your effluent and related charges to provide a treatment solution that will generate savings Year 1, locking in your rates for larger future savings.  In most circumstances ACP can treat your water for re-use within your facility for increased savings.  

  • Effluent Laboratory Analysis
  • Surcharge Analysis
  • Regulatory Review
  • Engineered Customized Solution



Savings may be literally under your feet.  The most straightforward approach to water savings is to harvest your own.  In most cases we can treat the groundwater to meet the needs of your facility.

  • Preliminary Hydrology
  • Test Boring
  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Well Design
  • Groundwater Treatment Design