Artesian Capital Partners (ACP) is a Joint Venture of Signet Enterprises and Artesian of Pioneer that provides private financing solutions for water treatment facilities for commercial, industrial, municipal and other uses. This joint venture offers water treatment clients ROI and Capital Budget Analysis, Equipment Lease Analysis, Funding Options Analysis and Bond Funding.

Artesian of Pioneer (AOP) has a 50 year history supplying hundreds of municipalities and commercial clients with high quality, cost effective water treatment solutions; including new systems, renovations to existing plants, or ground up designs. AOP’s services include design engineering, manufacturing, assembly, construction and certified operation of customized water and waste water treatment facilities.
Signet Enterprises assists in project financing or as an investor to own and operate the equipment.  As an investor, Signet provides a long-term, predictable rate structure at rates below what the municipal or commercial provider can offer.

Who We Serve

Large water users span many manufacturing and processing companies. ACP has a broad range of experience in these sectors.  Regardless of your industry, if you are paying more than $250,000 a year for water and sewer service, it's likely we can help.

Sectors Include:

  • Food Processing​/Flavor Manufacturing
  • Pigments
  • Brewing/Beverage/Dairy
  • Hospitals
  • Chemicals
  • ​Manufacturing